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All types of communication-based programmes, whether learners’ purpose is study, work or educational travelling, will give you fast and measurable progress with speaking, listening, reading and writing. The London School of Languages and Cultures aims at designing the courses customised according to your individual or professional needs.  Tuition is based on easy-taught grammar, reading, writing, speaking, listening and pronunciation. We put emphasis on teaching spoken communication focusing on real day-to-day topics.




We offer the following courses

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I. Intensive language courses 

(English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese) This course is designed for mature, motivated adults who need to improve within short time their language skills either for general use or more specifically for their work, study or other purposes.

II. Academic language courses 

English for Academic Purposes classes aim to improve a student’s note taking, presentation and academic reading and writing skills before they start their study in English.

III. General language courses 

General language classes are ideal for those who need to improve their language ability for variety of purposes: study, work, etc. Classes take in all elements of everyday language and are designed to give you the fluency and confidence needed in your use of language.

The languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese, and they  are taught  at the following levels:

  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

The course English for Beginners is a carefully structured programme that lasts 2+ weeks. It is perfect for students with little to no English language knowledge, and it aims to teach essential language skills and build linguistic and psychological confidence. The classes focus on basic grammar and vocabulary and on speaking and listening skills.

During the Intermediate course the native teacher covers the following topics: speaking, pronunciation, writing, grammar rules and patterns including tenses, vocabulary, conversation and communication skills. The teachers use the methods that  accelerate the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken language and the fluency. 

The advanced general language course will help you go from intermediate to mastering advanced English topics. By the end of this course you will develop skills to communicate independently and become more fluent in language, the course covers real world topics such as free time, jobs, careers, world news, travelling and entertainment. You will also develop higher command of grammar and style, both in writing and speaking.

IV. Language plus courses with additional activities 

London School of Languages and Cultures designed the courses that are based on English in connection with different professions: Linguistics, Law, Drama, Science, Art, etc. The courses are aimed at making it easier for students to enter their chosen professions with the use of the modern world language - English.

1. Professional courses:

  • P1. Language (English) plus Linguistics (An Introduction to Language families. Comparative analyses of different languages.)
  • P2. Language (English) and Literature
  • P3. Language (English) and History
  • P4. Language (English) and Science
  • P5. Language (English) and Thought
  • P6. Shakespeare’s language
  • P7. Language and Society
  • P8. The English Language and Communication

The course will enable students to explore the field of Applied Linguistics and understand how language works as a complex system, and why English has become the global language of communication. It aims at showing the ways in which the language and other forms of communication, are structured and used for different purposes in a range of local, national and global contexts.

 UK is the ideal place in which to study English Language and Communication, with its vibrant literary community, and cultural and literary events taking place throughout the year. You will also be able to a diverse city, with students and residents from a wide range of backgrounds.

Each programme consists of English lessons (12 hours per week) and its connections with literature, history, science, thought, society, etc. (8 hours).

  • P.9 The English Language and Law

The English Language and Law is suitable for upper-intermediate to advanced students and it is based on the extensive use of a wide variety of legal vocabulary and style. Themes include corporate and commercial law, liability, contract law and intellectual property. The course introduces general legal vocabulary related to legal systems, the legal professions and the skills lawyers need in their daily working lives.

2. Language plus computing:

This course can be a stepping-stone towards your future professional career as both English and the quality use of computers ensure your success. You will be taught how to get ready your presentation, build your database, or how to use other achievements of the long-standing history of human and computer relations. Combined with bettering your English, the course is suitable for people from a wide range of backgrounds particularly mature students, as well as people looking for their own further achievements.

3. Language plus contract writing and translation

V. Language for work 

The LSLC offers a number of work-related language learning for adult students who need sufficient language competence to get a job. A person equipped with a set of English language proficiency can take priority in the working sphere since he is able to convey his technical skills in a verbally effective manner. Such language skills can help him in securing better job opportunities as compared to someone who possesses professional skills only. English language skills are essential for the success of any organisation seeking to operate internationally.

The Language for Work programme is a practical course based on teaching English oriented towards the target work area with the aim to help a student develop necessary English skills for work. The cause also assists students to pass the Cambridge English exams, which present an effective way to assess student’s business language skills level.

VI. Exam preparation courses 

The LSLC offers our students the courses that help them gain an academic advantage or professional edge by passing officially recognized language exams. Whether you are applying to university abroad or boosting your CV for an oversees professional job search, the LSLC courses give you the tools and experience you need to be warmly welcomed in any part of the world.

We offer exam preparation courses for the most widely known English language exams. Within our programmes, you can focus on exam content and test-taking strategies to help you pass your chosen qualification with the grade you want. The LSLC has designed courses for each qualification: IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, etc. Our friendly courses having a large choice of start dates will save your time and benefit you both professionally and personally.

Our exam preparation courses cover writing, reading, grammar, listening as all these faculties are different parts of the target exams.  In our work, we concentrate on the English in Use and a number of recommended course books. During our courses, students do a lot of work on areas of general English at different levels, so they do not spend all the tuition time doing practice exams only. At the end of the courses, students can pass the chosen exam, and they will have learned a lot of English and have enjoyed their stay in our School and UK.

Exam preparation courses with London School of Languages and Cultures are the quickest way to your certification.

VII. Language course tailored for specific purposes 

The importance of communication in today’s world is undeniable. In the capacity of the most commonly used language in the world, English has acquired unmatched worth as a lingua franca for all purposes. All directions of human activities require professionals and specialists in various areas to communicate effectively in foreign languages. The success of professionals is often conditional on their ability to present the language skills and competences with respect to their professional areas.

With this in mind, the LSLC designed a number of profession-centred programmes of teaching English for specific purposes. This programme is the starting step in our English plus profession (Linguistics, Science, Law, Economy, etc.) programme.

VIII. One-to-one language courses 

You may feel that a group course is simply not suitable for you: you may have limited time available, or you may want the teacher to be able to focus on your needs only. A private course is flexible, convenient and effective. Your private classes will be tailor-made to your personal needs and interests, enabling you to make rapid progress.

IX. Courses for children 

  • Juniors (8-12)
  • Teens (13-17)

General English for children is taught 15 hours per week, Monday to Friday.  The courses start with a test aimed at proper group placing of a learner according the level of his / her English.

X. Teacher-training course & professional development courses 

  • For native speakers

With the success of English in the world, the number of teachers of English increases. For new teachers, a teacher-training course provides the skills, knowledge and hands-on teaching practice to be a successful language teacher. At our classes, a teacher-to-be and a teacher who develops his/her professional skills master their class control and lesson planning abilities, and acquire deeper understanding of learner psychology.  The course also gives deeper insight into the linguistic nature of their mother language as when you teach you should know how to explain this or that linguistic property. The course also offers a range of general refresher courses, ideal for bushing up on the latest methodology and giving your teaching career a boost.

  • Non-native speakers

The courses designed for non-native speakers include some language tuition alongside with methodological aspects of teaching. The course is ideal for the teachers of English who live outside the daily contact with the language they teach. The course also gives teachers the chance to meet language teachers from other countries. Studying in a country where the language is spoken adds authenticity to their linguistic and professional experience.


The size of groups: Maximum group size is 10-12 students.

Cost of Tuition. Accommodation

Price of tuition - £300 per week (excluding accommodation);  

Price of accommodation (300-700 per week).

Certificates:  At the end of a course, students are awarded with certificates.


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Dates & Prices

Intensive language courses, Academic language courses, General language courses, Language for work, Courses for Children

Monday 17 June      - 30* June   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 17 June - 7 July   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 17 June      -        14 July   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 24 June     - 7 July   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 24 June    - 14 July   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 24 June     - 21 July   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 1 July          - 13 July   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 1 July          - 21 July   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 1 July          - 28 July   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 8 July         - 21 July   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 8 July         - 28 July   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 8 July         - 4 August   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 15 July - 28 July   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 15 July - 4 August   4 weeks £1,800
Monday 15 July       - 11 August   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 22 July    - 4 August   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 22 July      - 11 August   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 22 July     - 18 August   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 29 July - 11 August   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 29 July      - 18 August   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 29 July      - 25 August   4 weeks £2,400
Monday 5 August   - 18 August   2 weeks £1,200
Monday 5 August  - 25 August   3 weeks £1,800
Monday 5 August  - 31 August   4 weeks £2,400


Language plus courses with additional activities, Exam preparation courses, Teacher-training course & professional development courses

English and Linguistics Monday 1 July     - 13 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and Philology Monday 1 July -       13 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and Literature Monday 1 July - 13 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and History Monday 1 July - 13 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and Society Monday 1 July - 13 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and Law Monday 1 July - 21 July 3 weeks £1,950
English and Literature Monday 1 July - 13 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and History Monday 1 July - 13 July 2 weeks £1,300
Exam preparation courses Monday 8 July - 28 July 3 weeks £1,800
English and Linguistics Monday 15 July        - 28 July 2 weeks £1,300
English and Philology Monday 15 July        - 28 July 2 weeks £1,300
Teacher-training course & professional development Monday 15 July - 4 August 3 weeks £1,950
Exam preparation courses Monday 22 July       - 11 August 3 weeks £1,800
Exam preparation courses Monday 22 July       - 11 August 3 weeks £1,800
English and Communication Monday 29 July       - 18 August 3 weeks £1,800
English and Technologies Monday 5 August   - 18 August 2 weeks £1,300


The dates and prices for the One-to-one language tuition and Language course tailored for specific purposes (one-to-one for advanced students) are year-round, and they are subject to individual arrangements.

Exam preparation courses are held both as a Summer course and a Year-round course.

*Last date shown in the table is the day of departure




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